about sean

Sean Hu is the Executive Pastry Chef of The Langham Hotel in Shenzhen, China.


Hailing from Taiwan, China, Sean was drawn to the world of desserts at a young age and was fascinated by the creativity and beautiful designs of local chefs in his hometown of Tainan.   

Sean has 10 years experience as a pastry chef, beginning at Shangri-La Tainan and progressing to other establishments such as Shangri-La Taipei and Pasadena Fine Dining Restaurant where he worked under 3 Star Michelin Pastry Chef, Eric Pras. In 2017, Sean was invited to continue his journey working for renowned Australian Pastry Chef Anna Polyviou at Shangri-La Sydney. In 2019, Sean moved to China to work as the the Executive Pastry Chef for InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun.

Sean favours local produce to promote a sustainable food cycle. He is driven by a desire to create authentic fresh flavours and uses seasonal produce to craft desserts that are inspired by natural elements. He experiments with innovative flavours, techniques, chocolate, fruits and of course sugar. His style is dynamic, imaginative and above all, tasteful.

Awards & Nominations:

2016 - 4th Place in THEMAG company conducted CALLEBAUT Valentine Chocolate cake competition

2015 - National Champion in the UIBC Youth Cup World Pastry Championship

2012 - Vice National Champion in the 42nd World Skills International Competition 

2012 - 2nd Place in Gateaux Cup ‘s professional chocolate bonbons category